Health problems which Contribute erectile dysfunction

Sexual health problem

Sexual health problem

Most of the men believe that the erectile dysfunction is a male sexual disease. This is not true because this problem is happened because of the several health problems like diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, hardening of arteries and mental illness. This is a male sexual dysfunction which is experienced by the men at any age due to the reduced flow of blood in to the reproductive region. Mostly erectile dysfunction is occurred after the age of 50 due to the physical and psychological health problems. Here are the lists of physical and psychological health problems which are strongly promoted the erectile dysfunction in men at any age.

Diabetes Condition

Men are mostly suffered to achieve the harder erection especially when they are dealing with the diabetes problem. Unhealthy life style and poor dieting are mostly promoted the diabetic health problem which completely damages the nerves. About fifty percent of men experience the erectile dysfunction due to the diabetes health problem. This is a leading health problem of men which is incurable and enhances the risk of erectile dysfunction in men. The medication which are used for the treatment of the diabetes are also affect the sexual health of men so always control the diabetes naturally with the help of healthy diet and good lifestyle. The treatment of erectile dysfunction which is occurred due to the diabetes health problem is now possible with the help of oral medications which are certified by the FDA.

High Blood pressure

High blood pressure is also a leading health problem which is contributing the erectile dysfunction in men. Mostly men are experience erectile dysfunction due the excessive use of the medications which are used for the treatment of high blood pressure. High pressure of the blood in the body increases the risk blood vessels damage which can lead to the inadequate supply of blood in toe the penile region.

High Body weight

Excessive body weight can be occurred due to the unhealthy diet, stress problem, poor lifestyle and no physical workout. There is no doubt that the most of the victims of the erectile dysfunction are always obese. Excessive fat around the stomach region put the pressure on the arteries and restrict the supply of the blood in to the reproductive organ. Diabetes and hypertension health problems are mostly promoted by the obesity including the low sexual desire.

Prolonged Stress

Mostly stress problem cause the low sexual desire in men which can decrease the sexual performance level. Prolonged stress may prevent the growth of the testosterone hormones which are not only enhance the male libido but also develop the male characteristics. This psychological health problem is mostly experienced by the young men and can leads to the serious sexual health problems.

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