Smoking and male impotence relationship

Smoking Addiction

Smoking With Impotence

In a new survey is found that addiction of the smoking will lead to the erectile dysfunction in male. Those men who are smoking regularly having 40 % higher chances of erectile dysfunction as compare to others men. So it is clear now that cigarette smoking also affects the male sexual powers as well as male libido. Smoking is the leading factor to increase the ratio of impotence in male. Men who are smoked more than 2 packets of cigarette in a day, the 24 % chances of the impotence increased.

Smoking is not only responsible for the sexual disorder but also increase the risk of the heart problems, respiratory problems and different types of cancer. Cigarette smokers mainly face the impotence due the low blood supply, which is pumped by the heart during the sexual intercourse. So it is clear that tobacco of cigarette also affects the heart and blood supply which is plays an important role at the time of sexual intercourse.

There are lots of others factors which increase the ratio of the impotence such as physical and psychological factors. Physical factors are directly linked with the men’s physical health such as obesity, overweight, lack of exercise and addiction of the smoking. Psychological factors are directly linked with the mind such as stress, depression, nervous and anxiety. These factors directly interlinked with the male impotence as well as others diseases.

Tips to reduce the chances of Impotence

Avoid foods which are consist lots of fat, because fats diet always block the regular flow of the blood during the erection time. So there is lots of possibility of the impotency due to eating the high processed food which contains the lots of the fats.

It is good for the physical health as well as sexual health to follow a low fat and low cholesterol diet.  Because low cholesterol diet is never block the arteries and ensures a good blood circulation to your genitals.

Eat lots of fibers diet such as fruits, vegetables and grains, because high fiber diet always keeps your body clean from inside. So increase the intake of the fiber in your daily diet such as apples, bananas, peas, strawberry, oysters, avocados and baked potatoes.

Water is always very helpful in any diseases because it will keep hydrated the body from the inside and also clean the body toxins. So always takes lots of water, doesn’t matter you feel thirsty or not.

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