Simple ways To Handle the Premature Ejaculation disorder

In the Medical term premature ejaculation is a sexual weakness of men in which they are unable to control the ejaculation for the long time during the sexual act. Premature ejaculation can be occurred mostly psychological factor which leads to the frustration when men quickly ejaculate before his female partner. With this disorder Most of the men are unable to control the ejaculation before the start of sex. Premature ejaculation disorder is mostly associated with the psychological health conditions like stress, anxiety and depression. This men sexual health disorder is naturally treatable but in the extreme cases you need to seek the medical help.

Natural Ways to deal with premature ejaculation

Avoid Sexual thoughts

Those men who are suffering with the premature ejaculation disorder are always feeling pressure to perform better during the sexual intercourse. The best way to avoid the quick ejaculation is to think about the non sexual thoughts during the sexual act. Millions of men are getting quick ejaculation due to the sexual thoughts so avoid these thoughts.

Start and stop Technique

Whenever you feel that you can’t hold the ejaculation for the long time then try the start and stop method during the sexual act. This is a very easy technique to delay the ejaculation just stop the sexual act for the sometime and then start again according to your mood.

Squeeze Method  

Simple method to delay the ejaculation just needs the perfection to use this technique. Just gently put your thumb on the shaft of sexual organ when you are feeling that you are getting ejaculation very soon. Repeat this process according to sexual urge along with your female partner.

Kegel Exercise

Kegel exercise enhances the strength of PC muscle which provides the more control over the ejaculation. You need to perform the 2 or 3 sets daily of the kegel exercise when you are urinating. Contraction of the PC muscle will stop the flow of quick ejaculation and helps to delay the orgasm.

I think this quick discussion about the premature ejaculation treatment will help you lot to get rid over this disorder.  More the more help about the techniques of premature ejaculation you can consult with the professional physician.

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